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Man Down SOS Personal Alarm

In a world where safety is paramount, the Mercari Lone Worker Alarms Man Down SOS Personal Alarm emerges as a beacon of innovation and practicality.

Imagine carrying with you a palm-sized device that not only provides peace of mind but also serves as your silent guardian in times of need. Whether you’re navigating the bustling streets of London, the serene countryside of Scotland, or venturing into the heart of Europe, this smart solution stands by your side, ready to respond at the press of a button.

With features like One Button SOS, Voice to voice Communication, Fall Detection, No motion alert, Geo-fencing & GPS Tracking Locating all seamlessly integrated into one compact unit, this device redefines what it means to prioritize personal safety.

Gone are the days of complicated contracts and rental agreements – with this personal alarm system, you truly own your protection. Experience the freedom and confidence that comes with knowing help is just a heartbeat away; because when it comes to safeguarding yourself or your business in any corner of England, Scotland, Ireland Wales or Europe – the Mercari lone worker safety device has got you covered.



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The Mercari Technologies Lone Worker Alarm is effectively a very smart miniature mobile phone with inbuilt GPS satellite navigation positioning capabilities. This compact and user-friendly device serves as a lifeline in times of crisis, offering a seamless way to summon help at the touch of a button

The Lone Worker Alarm operates using a EE SIM card (Not included). O2, 3 & Vodafone may also work in most areas

The SIM card with its identifiable phone number will send an SMS to up to 10 emergency contacts in the event that the SOS button is pressed. The first number can also be programmed to a landline such a reception desk for first response if desired.

The emergency contacts will receive the SMS “SOS HELP”.

The message can be programmed to display the name of the user.

Within this SMS message, Smart phone recipients will also receive an internet hyperlink which once opened can identify the location of the person requiring assistance within an approximate 5 -15 meters.

The first recipient to respond to the emergency SMS can call into the alarm pendant will receive voice to voice communication via the pendants excellent speaker and microphone.

Personal Alarm General Specifications

LOCATION FINDING – If you’re caring for a person that may wander, trying to locate a contractor onsite or even track a lone worker- simply text ‘Loc’ (for locate) anytime and the Lone Worker Alarm Pendant will respond by returning an SMS with the user’s location. This SMS  will contain the Google Maps link, simply tapping the link will display the location of the wanderer on Google Maps.

GEO FENCE – You can set three GEO Fences so if a person enters or leaves an area, the persons monitoring the units will be notified by SMS of GEO Fence being broken. Great for keeping contractors out of restricted areas, or knowing if someone wanders out a house door they are not supposed to.

FALLS DETECTION – Includes serious Falls Detection with 10 second delay to cancel for false alarms.  Adjustable settings for sensitivity.

RECEIVING AND MAKING A NORMAL PHONE CALL – Call into the Lone Worker Alarm Pendant anytime and the incoming call can be answered by the user pressing the SOS button momentarily. Press and hold the discreet side call button to make a normal phone call to the first emergency contact.

OTHER FEATURES INCLUDE – Movement and Over Speed Alarm.  Password Protection and much more!

EASY TO PROGRAM – Simply program the Lone Worker Alarm by texting commands from any mobile phone. Easy to follow instructions.

Works in the home or wherever you are providing you have 4G/3G cellular coverage. Please contact your network provider to confirm coverage in your area. Tested & Works with EE/BT Mobile SIM cards – (Not included, must be purchased separately) – Other SIM cards may be compatible – requires Band B1/B3/B7/B8/B20 (O2,3 & Vodafone)

Accessories: Comes with one free Wristband and Belt Clip. More can be purchased separately. Bluetooth base station charger also available on request at additional cost.

Live Tracking: This device is capable of connecting to 3rd party apps and online tracking. Mercari Ltd does not provide support for these.


COST: £296 per Alarm with Free Tracked Delivery to UK or Europe. (Dispatched from Chicago or Hong Kong daily)


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