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Geo Fence

Set an invisible fence

A Geo-Fence is an invisible boundary. Our Alarm is capable of creating a  geofence/virtual fence or a perimeter around the alarm devices’ physical location or separate specific physical location.


If your company employs a large team of remote workers, how do you keep tabs on where they are and what they are doing? Employee geofencing might be the answer.

Employee geofencing is a smart solution that allows you to track your employees and see their location in real time, no matter where they roam. GPS tracking is not a new technology, but it has been used for workforce time tracking in various ways in recent years.

Do you have employees or contractors that wander? Fortunately, we may be able to assist with this problem. One integrated  technology within this alarm that is currently being used to track wanderers is geofencing. Using GPS technology, geofencing can alert Employers if their staff or contractors go beyond  the invisible boundaries put in place.

If you are an employer and want to know that someone remains within a certain location like a worksite, a geo fence can be set to send an alert if the alarm has sensed it has moved outside of the invisible fence. Typically geofencing is something that only works outdoors for areas greater than a radius of over 100m, utilizing GPS technology. This invisible fence can be set around the radius of a worksite, around a street or even a suburb or city. Alternatively, you can set the fence to do the opposite; for example if you don’t want a contractor wandering to a certain building, or even a salesman going to territory they are not supposed to, you can geo fence this off, so that if the alarm detects entering this zone, it sends an alert to the employers.

Without this technology, locating a wandering staff member or contractor could go undetected. With a personal GPS tracker, location finder- locating a wandering individual can be accomplished within minutes