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Why Use Our Devices?

Our devices protect lone working staff at risk from threats, falls or personal attack. Our lone worker alarm systems and have panic buttons and GPS tracking that will call and text alert messages to your chosen contacts or security staff when help is needed. Tried and tested our lone worker device and used throughout the New Zealand, Australia, USA, UK, Europe & Asia by large and small companies in all sectors.

Unlike most of our competitors, both domestic & international, Mercari Limited provides the user the ability to purchase a high-quality personal alarm to own outright.

No leasing, no length of terms agreements, no on-going monitoring fees.

Our purchasers own the alarms outright, have full control of the devices, can program its simple settings for the user’s unique needs. You select who you want as your emergency contacts and you control the spend on the devices – If you don’t need the alarm, simply don’t put any credit on the SIM card account.

With low operating cost, no monthly fees, self-monitoring features, our Lone Worker Alarm is one of the smartest choices when it comes to man down/lone worker alarms.

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